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Stepping into the Popular Direction of Drinks in 2019




A "battlefield" that captures the popular trend of drinks in spring and summer of 2019. What kind of product information do you get? What trends do you find? Come here, you will have an answer. Leading the new trend of tea industry stores "sharp weapon" you can not miss.


Actual Bazaar Area



Bar drinks


Fruit Juice Thick Pulp Zone


Selected fruit resources from all over the world, each one is the deliberate work of food scientists.

In 2018, it will lead the new standard product of fruit tea raw materials and add new members to the family of "Fresh Fruit" series, which can be stored at room temperature. The content of the original juice is over 80%, and the flavor is almost NFC juice without batch difference. It not only solves the inconvenience of freezing and thawing, but also solves the taste difference caused by batch difference of the original frozen pulp.


Fresh New Products of Treasured Fruits


Jam area


Jam products


As a new product in 2019, we can't wait to unveil the mystery to our friends in Huacheng.

Whether it is single jam, compound jam, antler or large-grained jam, fruit origin is strictly selected, and the content of fruit is high, additives are few, to meet the high-quality customization needs. Suitable for dessert, ice sand, ice cream, baking, etc.


Sweet taste area


Bamboo Sugarcane Ice Sugar and Stevia Sugar Products


Bamboo cane ice sugar is popular with customers because of its sweet and pure, no additions and other characteristics, and its sales are steadily increasing every year.
Following the launch of Stevia syrup containing healthy low calorie juice the year before last, this time we brought low calorie Stevia syrup - Stevia from the pure natural plant, high sweetness, low calorie, natural low calorie, pleasant light burden.

Tea District of "Pier Cuisine"


NFC tea soup products


This grand appearance is NFC tea soup, a fresh extract of the original leaf tea. In order to retain the advantages of tea fragrance and delicacy, the traditional tea-making process was adopted. Special equipment and technology were adopted, i.e. under the condition of heat preservation and pressure preservation, the tea soup itself was locked up at 120 C for 4 seconds at high temperature. Finally, sterile cold filling was used to maintain the tea flavor. It is the same as the shop's present tea, but it has made great efforts in the standardization of products, simplification of operation and cost saving.




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1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Booth number: H2E20

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